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Understanding Digital Signage

In a nut shell, digital signage is a display device driven by a media player to present a variety of collective media in digital sign.

There are three core types of Digital Signage:

1) Cloud based solution – A range of media players can be connected and are controlled by an online cloud based digital signage software as a service content management system.
2) LAN solution – The IP based media player is controlled via a computer network (internet or intranet) and displays the media on a connected screen instantly.
3) USB solution – The media player is built into the display device and updated via a USB stick.

We offer all of the above types of digital signage and below we have outlined the solutions we offer:

Cloud based Digital Signage Software as a Service (SaaS) solution

The Digital Signage Software as a Service (SaaS) we offer is our own, developed in house, signage platform called embed signage. embed allows users to connect a variety of digital signage hardware devices with the following operating systems:

The software as a service is accessed online, anywhere in the world and users register devices on their account to publish and view multi zone content. embed allows users to easily create interactive touch content and the ability to create one layout for publication to multiple device resolutions and orientations. As embed is an online platform developed in house, it is also possible to carry out integration with external data sources, so if you have a system you wish to integrate your digital signage with, speak to us and we can explore the ways in which this could be done.

There are many more benefits to choosing embed as your digital signage solution, so please visit the embed signage website to discover the full features and benefits of the system and to sign up for a 28 day free trial.

LAN digital signage solution

We use ONELAN media players as the core component. They are IP based media players running their own software allowing you to run a digital signage network within your own IT infrastructure, perfect for those businesses with restricted internet access. They are capable of displaying a variety of media formats individually or simultaneously in single or multiple zones including any of the following:

Eclipse Digital Media Digital Signage Explained Various Media Formats

The ONELAN Net-Top-Box is a multimedia, multi-zoned solution capable of displaying stored media and live media such as RSS and TV streaming. With the browser based user interface, the system is fully multi-lingual including all main European languages. With other ONELAN digital signage media players businesses can run enterprise network management, touch applications and integration with external data sources.

There are three main appliances available with a ONELAN digital signage network:

USB Digital Signage Solution

These displays include a basic media player built in that is updated using a USB stick. The media playback is full screen, single zone images or movies. There is basic piece of scheduling software (PC only) that allows users to create a schedule of images and movies to play on a cycle throughout the day, it does not however provide the ability to change schedules based on days of the week.

There is a range of USB updatable displays available from 7″ to 55″ and freestanding totems from 46″ to 55″. Take a look at the USB digital signage range on our web shop.

The Benefits of Digital Signage

Better Communication

Using digital signage you can communicate messages in an instant. You can use various media formats to communicate messages and can ensure that your information is up to date. It also allows you to display location specific information.


There are many applications for a digital signage solution including touch screen way-finding, internal communications, promotional messages to customers, store front advertising, meeting room booking, dynamic menu boards and much, much more.


With digital signage you can update as many screens, in as many locations as you have in an instant, meaning you can focus more resources on other core areas of your business.

Cost Saving

Using digital signage can help reduce the need for printed materials, which can dramatically cut costs especially in retail, HORECA, education and corporate environments.


Digital signage allows you to use a variety of media formats to communicate messages, it allows you to change messages instantly, change layouts for displaying the information and apply different uses for different environments. Your signage can also be controlled by mobile devices and external sources, subject to configuration.

Day Parting / Scheduling

The information you want to show in the morning may be different to what you want to show in the afternoon and evening, using digital signage you can set schedules to display specific information at set times during the day automatically.

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